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  • Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde Zeijlstra. In Preparation. A non-lexical approach to Neg-raising



  • September 2023. Invited Speaker at WoSSP19. Embedded Tenses in Conditionals

  • September 2023. Sinn und Bedeutung 28. From Perfectivity to Performativity in Conditional[poster]

  • June 2023.  English Linguistics Oberseminar, University of Göttingen. Choice functions & Binder Roof Constraint

  • June 2023. TripleA 10. From Perfectivity to Performativity in Conditionals [handout]

  • May 2023. WCCFL41. Choice functions & Binder Roof Constraint [poster]

  • May 2023. WCCFL41. with Michela IppolitoModal Past is Past: evidence from non-SOT languages [slides]


  • November 2022. International Conference on Tense and Aspect in Conditionals. Presuppositions of Tense and Strength of Counterfactuality

  • September 2022. Sinn und Bedeutung 27. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde Zeijlstra .Missing words and missing worlds.

  • July 2022. Workshop on Modality at Creteling Summer school. Missing modals. Presented by Hedde Zeijlstra

  • June 2022. HU-Workshop on Multiple Modality. Missing Words and Missing Worlds. Presented by Hedde Zeijlstra

  • April 2022. GLOW 45.Workshop on Typological generalizations and semantic theory. Strength of counterfactuality and presuppositions of tense pronouns. 

  • April 2022. CLS 58. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde ZeijlstraMissing words and missing worlds. [poster]

  • February 2022. DGFS 2022. Commitments in Grammar and Discourse (Commit22). Performative Conditionals.

  • February 2022. the Iranian Linguistics Research Team, University of Arizona. Cross-linguistic variation in the strength of counterfactually: the role of tense.

  • January 2022. LSA 2022. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde ZeijlstraNeg-raising without lexical excluded middle. [slides]

  • January 2022. LSA 2022. Functional indefinites: Skolemization as implicit possession. [slides]


  • December 8th. Converging On Causal Ontology Analyses (COCOA) come-as-you-are online workshop. Persian Counterfactuals.

  • December 9-11th. CSSP 2021. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde Zeijlstra. A non-lexical approach to Neg-raising.

  • October 1st. Moscow HSE pragmatics Workshop.  Functional indefinites: Skolemization as implicit possession. [slides]
  • October 1s. Moscow HSE pragmatics Workshop. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde ZeijlstraNeg-raising without excluded middle. 
  • August 12. the 2021 ESSLLI Student Session. Skolemization As Implicit Alienable Possession [slides]

  • August 11. SICOGG 23. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde ZeijlstraNeg-raising without lexical excluded middle inferences in English and Farsi. 

  • July 11th. IATL 36th. Zahra Mirrazi & Hedde Zeijlstra. A non-lexical approach to Neg-raising[handout]


  • 2020. Sinn und Bedeutung 25. Licensing by Modification: Existential Readings of Bare Plurals in Farsi[slides]

  • 2020. CamCoS 9 New. Micro-Variation in Aspect Splits in Nominative-Accusative system. [handout]


  • 2019. Glow42.  Indefinites: An argument for Skolemization with World Variables. [handout]

  • 2019. Glow42. Rodica Ivan & Zahra Mirrazi. Minimal pronouns & T-Agreement effects: the case of Farsi Fake Indexicals. [slides]

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